PSP Plugins For [6.XX] Custom Firmwares.

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PSP Plugins For [6.XX] Custom Firmwares.

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How To Run A Plugin Tutorial:
In this example we will run "Custom Firmware Extender v3.1" which you can download below.

1: Download Custom Firmware Extender v3.1.
2: Extract file using 7zip or winRAR.
3: Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4: Open up your PSP memory stick drive.
5: If you don't already have a seplugins folder on your PSP memory stick copy the seplugins folder which was included in the download to the ROOT of your memory stick.
6: You will also see that the Custom Firmware Extender is in the seplugins folder named cfe.
7: Edit your own or copy the included text files named vsh and game into your seplugins folder.
8: Disconnect USB mode and go to your PSP Recovery Menu by turning your PSP Off and turning it back On while holding down Right Trigger.
9: In the Recovery Menu go down to the option Plugins.
10: Now you can Enable or Disable a Plugin from there.
11: To load the Custom Firmware Extender (Press NOTE+ R).

You can also Enable or Disable plugins by adding a 0 or 1 at the end of your Plugin path.

Here is an example:

ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_loader.prx 1

ms0: = Memory Stick ef0: = PSP GOs 16GB Storage.

1 = ON 0 = OFF

To add more then one Plugin to your vsh.txt / game.txt / pops.txt just add them like this.

ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_loader.prx 1
ms0:/CXMB/cxmb.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/example.prx 1

vsh = The Plugin will be loaded in XMB.
game = The Plugin will be loaded in GAME.
pops = The Plugin will be loaded in Playstation One games.

How To Install A Plugin To Flash0 Tutorial For Advanced Users:
In this tutorial I will show you how to install your favorite plugins on your PSP.

Only for PSP 1000/2000 with pandorable motherboard's.

For this tutorial I will use 6.39 ME-9 for example.

I will add these plugins to my flash0:/KD/

CXMB.prx (support for custom themes)
Hold.prx (Battery saver)
Led Control.prx (Turn ON/OFF PSP lights)
fx_powerspoof.prx (Update PSP even with 20% or less charge)
PassCtrl.prx (Password Protect PSP)
cfe_loader.prx (Custom Firmware Extender)
CFWBlock.prx (Hide ISO folder from Sony)
game_categories.prx (Categorize homebrew)

"V" -> VSH
"G" -> GAME
"P" -> POPS
"A" -> APP
"E" -> UMDEMU(NP9660 game)
"M" -> MLNAPP( comic reader)

Download BTCNF Editor for Fat PSP

Download BTCNF Editor for Slim PSP

1: Download BTCNF Editor for your PSP model.
2: Extract the zip file using 7zip or winRAR.
3: Press SELECT on your PSP to bring up the VSH MENU.
4: Change "USB DEVICE" to "Flash 0".

5: Connect PSP to computer using USB cable.
6: Go to "My Computer" then open your PSP USB drive. (for example my one is (O:)
7: On Windows 7 you have to go to "Organize" and then "Folder and search options" and then "View", then click on Show hidden files, folder, and uncheck Hide protected operating system files. To be able to see KD folder.
8: Copy your custom plugins to your KD folder.
9: Copy the 3 Bin files named pspbtjnf_02g.bin , pspbtknf_02g.bin , pspbtlnf_02g.bin Which is in the flash0:/KD/ (for Fat PSP copy pspbtjnf.bin , pspbtknf.bin , pspbtlnf.bin) to the same folder as your Editor. (note 6.39 ME-9 only has pspbtjnf_02g.bin for Slim & pspbtjnf.bin for Fat PSP)
10: Start the "Decompiler" it will turn the bin files to txt so you could edit them using a txt editor. (I use Notepad++)
11: Edit the 3 txt files and add your custom plugins like this and put them inbetween the RED highlighted plugins which are shown in the spoiler below.
Editing Example wrote:$/kd/sysmem.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/sysmem.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/loadcore.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/exceptionman.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/interruptman.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/threadman.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/dmacman.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/systimer.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/iofilemgr.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/memlmd_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/modulemgr.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/systemctrl_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/init.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/loadexec_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/lowio.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/ge.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/idstorage.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/syscon.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/rtc.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/lfatfs.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/clockgen.prx VGUAEM
$/kd/mediaman.prx VGUA
$/kd/ata.prx VGU
$/kd/umdman.prx VGU
$/kd/umdcache.prx G
$/kd/umd9660.prx VGU
$/kd/isofs.prx VGU
$/kd/display_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/ctrl.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/led.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/power_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/msstor.prx VGPAEM
$/kd/codepage.prx VGPAEM
$/kd/fatms.prx VGPAEM
$/kd/clockgen.prx P
$/kd/codec_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/audio.prx VGUAEM
$/kd/hpremote_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/openpsid.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/msstor.prx U
$/kd/codepage.prx U
$/kd/fatms.prx U
$/kd/usb.prx VGAEM
$/kd/wlan.prx VGUAEM
$/kd/wlanfirm_02g.prx VGUAEM
$/kd/registry.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/mgr.prx VPEM
$/kd/msaudio.prx V
$/kd/chkreg.prx VUP
$/kd/mesg_led_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/semawm.prx V
$/kd/amctrl.prx VGPAEM
$/kd/npdrm.prx VPEM
$/kd/iofilemgr_dnas.prx VGPAEM
$/kd/np9660.prx EM
$/kd/isofs.prx EM
$/kd/chnnlsv.prx VP
$/kd/utility.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/horoscope.prx GE
$/kd/idmanager.prx P
$/kd/popsman.prx P
$/kd/me_wrapper.prx VGUAEM
$/kd/vaudio.prx VU
$/kd/impose_02g.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/vshbridge_msapp.prx A
$/kd/avcodec.prx V
$/kd/vshbridge.prx VU
$/kd/mediasync.prx VGUPAEM
$/kd/mlnbridge.prx M
$/kd/mlnbridge_msapp.prx M
$/kd/vshctrl_02g.prx V
$/kd/game_categories.prx V
$/kd/HOLD.prx VGPA
$/kd/cfe_loader.prx VGA
$/kd/CXMB.prx V
$/kd/fx_powerspoof.prx U
$/kd/LEDControl.prx V
$/kd/CFWBLOCK.prx G
$/kd/passctrl.prx V

$%/kd/usersystemlib.prx VGUPAEM
$%/vsh/module/mlncmn.prx M
$%/vsh/module/mcore.prx M
$%/vsh/module/mlnapp_proxy.prx M
$%/vsh/module/libfont_hv.prx P
$%/vsh/module/pafmini.prx P
%%/kd/dummy_anchor_IhariUafaayk98.prx GUAEM
$%/kd/libatrac3plus.prx V
$%/vsh/module/paf.prx V
$%/vsh/module/common_gui.prx V
$%/vsh/module/common_util.prx VP
$%/vsh/module/libpspvmc.prx P
%%/kd/dummy_anchor_IhariUafaayk98.prx P
$%%/vsh/module/vshmain.prx V
12: After editing save the txt files and Start the "Recompiler" which will change the txt files back to .bin.
13: Now replace the old bin files in your flash0:/KD/ folder with the new ones.

[Warning make sure you have placed your custom plugins in the KD folder with the same name as your editing.]


1: Custom Firmware Extender v3.1
Author: Cpasjuste

Extend the functionality of your custom firmwared PSP using the included CFE plugins. Change the CPU speed while under the XMB or in-game, listen to your own tunes in-game, take screenshots at anytime, output the PSP screen to a monitor and stream ISOs/homebrew over USB, change or mute the volume of each audio channel, display system information…ect...

2: Game Categories v1.3b
Authors: Bubbletune , neur0n

This plugin allows you to categorize your games/homebrew. This version extends the 'By Expiration Date' foldering mode introduced in 6.20 with a 'By Category' option. This is only for use with 6.20 and later, as earlier firmwares do not come with the foldering options.

3: Password lock v3 [6.00 to 6.60 support]
Authors: Frostegater , neur0n

Frostegater's modified version of neur0n's password security for PSP, with this small plugin, you can set a security password in the XMB of the console. Frostegater has Added full 6.xx compatibility, and he also fixed the bug where it would ask you the password when exiting games or PSX.

4: Game Categories Lite v1.5 R3 [6.20 to 6.60 support]
Author: codestation

This plugin allows you to categorize your games/homebrews on your PSP.

This plugin is based and uses source code from Game Categories Revised v12 (GCR) and Game Categories Light v1.3 (GCL), both created by Bubbletune. Compatible with 6.20, 6.3x and 6.60 CFW.

I changed the name of the project (doing a fork in the process) to avoid confusion with GCL (this plugin doesn't use the folder categories present in firmwares 6.xx) and GCR (the plugin is based heavily in GCL since it doesn't use a kernel/user approach).

You can configure the folder prefix (use CAT_ for folders or not), showing uncategorized content and change the category mode in system settings.

If you want a translation of the visible options then edit the file category_lite_en.txt and save it using the language code that first you (e.g. "es" for spanish).

Note: you must use UTF-8 encoding for the translation files (without unicode BOM).

Languages supported: "ja", "en", "fr", "es", "de", "it", "nl", "pt", "ru", "ko", "ch1", "ch2"

The source code is also available in

Known issues:
>> Unknown if fixable:
Change of category in the PSPGo requires a VSH reset.

>> Unrelated to gclite:
ME doesn't merge the categories with the same name between /ISO and /PSP/GAME.

>> OFW limitation:
The Folder mode has a limitation of 30 characters for the combination of folder name + homebrew folder name,
e.g.: My Homebrews/AwesomeBigHomebrew is valid but My homebrews/AwesomeBigHomebrews isn't (i am not counting the "/").
Note: the japanese and other non-ascii characters are 2 bytes wide, e.g.: ???? counts as 8 chars.

v1.5 R3
Fix duplicated entries on iso category in folder mode (PRO).
Support to hide certain homebrews/games/dlc from the categories.
Added folder mode benchmark (compile with BENCHMARK=1).

5: Dayviewer v7
Authors: Total_Noob , neur0n

Customize the XMB date and time string by adding the day, month name, year, and seconds. You can also add the battery percentage too.

6: PSNLover BETA v1.2 [5.00 to 6.20 support]
Author: Vosman

Vosman's plugin for re-enabling PSN Store and PSN online gaming when running custom firmware.

7: Hold+ v4.0 [5.00 to 6.XX support]
Author: Torch

With this plugin you can save alot of battery power. When you press hold your PSP's cpu speed will drop down to a cool 60Mhz. Saving power and allowing you to get more hours of MP3 playback for example.

8: CXMB for 3.71-6.60 [3.71 to 6.60 support]
Authors: Poison , Frostegater

This is a new version of CXMB, which now has compatibility with firmware versions 3.71 up to 6.60. CXMB allows users to use custom CTF themes without the risk of flashing your flash0.

The plugin is updated by Frostegater to work on firmwares 3.71 up to 6.60.

9: PSPconsole v1.7 [5.XX to 6.20 support]
Author: Hotter

PSPconsole is a veritable Swiss army knife for the VSH menu. It includes features that can be accessed directly from the XMB.

Quickly see battery info.
Delete, cut, copy, rename, create, view properties of file/folder, set them hidden/read-only.
View text files.
View and edit with hex editor.
View loaded threads, modules files.
Use alarm clock.
Play C snake, Tetris, Pong.
Sort your games and homebreews.
Use calculator.
View calendar.

And all that you can do from XMB menu when you are listening music or watching videos.

Added alarm clock, alarm sound must be in "ms0:/seplugins/PSPconsole/alarm.mp3".

10: Audio Boost [6.2X to 6.6X support]
Author: neur0n

neur0n's modified version of Audio Boost — increase the volume of your PSP by ~ 30%. This prx (plugin) is compiled for 6.20 HEN and 6.60 custom firmwares. Press Home+R to enable once installed and activated.

11: UMD Dump kai v2
Authors: Takka , neur0n

neur0n's modified version of Takka's PSP plugin to dump UMDs to ISOs. Activate the plugin as normal and press "Home" on the XMB UMD icon.

12: RemoteJoyLite v0.19 6.XX
Author: neur0n

neur0n's modified version of RemoteJoyLite Enjoy your PSP on a larger screen/monitor with RemoteJoyLite. Akind's PRX plugin for achieving "TV-out" over a USB connection.

13: MP3PlayerPlugin v3.3 Fix [6.00 to 6.60 support]
Author: plum_429

plum_429's MP3 Player Plugin lets you listen to your own music while in game - any game!

14: Music PRX [3.90 to 6.XX support]
Author: Cpasjuste

Music PRX lets you enjoy your own tunes while in game, Load the plugin like any other and use it like this:

Press select and square for showing the music menu.
Press select and circle for resetting your settings.
Press select and triangle for turning the CPU up.
Press select and cross for turning the CPU down.
Press select and up for turning the volume up.
Press select and down for turning the volume down.
Press select and left/right for switching between songs.
Press select and home for muting in-game sounds.
Press select and start for enabling loop.
Press select and L-trigger for playing/pausing songs.
Press select and R-trigger for choosing between random/normal play.

15: JoySens v1.5
Author: neur0n

neur0n's modified version of JoySens allows custom sensitivity control over the PSP's analog stick, and more... Adjust the sensitivity levels to your own personal preference. Details inside the Readme.

16: FX Powerspoof v0.3
Author: NoEffex

NoEffex’s fx_powerspoof plugin for the PSP. Game updates and other functions may require your battery to be charged. That's no longer the case with FX Powerspoof — connect your A/C adaptor, install and configure this plugin, and you're set!

17: AutoStart PRX v5.5
Author: roe-ur-boat

roe-ur-boat's Auto Start PRX module for the PSP. Automatically start homebrew or ISO/CSO games on boot. You may also assign buttons to launch specified apps/games using the AutoStart Configurator.

18: TempAR v1.63
Author: raing3

TempAR is an almost complete rewrite of the popular PSP cheat device NitePR/MKULTRA. TempAR contains many additional functionalities as well as key improvements to the existing functionalities.

The most notable improvements and additions in this cheat device are:

  • Improvments to the cheat engine to support CWCheat and PSPAR code types, support for
  • NitePR codes was removed!
  • Improved search functionality to greatly increase speed of known and unknown memory
  • searches (in some cases more than 100x faster).
  • Homebrew and PSX support.
  • Support for single-select and multi-select collapsible folders for grouping codes.
  • UMD dumper to create ISO images from UMDs and PSStore EBOOTs.

In-Game Controls

  1. Show cheat menu: Press RTRIGGER+HOME (PS Button).
  2. Enable Cheat Engine: Press Note.
  3. Screenshot: Press SELECT+VOLDOWN.

Updated Cheat Database

19: LED Control v0.4
Authors: Frostegater , brk3 , coax75ohm , codestation

When pressing LTRIGGER + NOTE (default key) the psps LEDs will turn off, just a handy little plugin, to save battery power.

Added ini file.
You can choose a combination.
You can choose the LED, which want to control.
Added support for the Bluetooth LED on Go models.
Added an option to have the LEDs turn off at boot time, create a file named LED_off_on_boot.txt in seplugins.

20: HUD v2.2
Authors: darko79 , codestation

Handy heads up display plugin for the xmb and in game (now at version 2.02) includes some useful new changes, such as a more customizable display for the various pieces of information on your PSP handheld.

21: PaintOnXMB v1
Author: mr305

Draw anywhere on the XMB at anytime — even during video playback. PaintOnXMB is a proof-of-concept.

• CIRCLE – New Random Color
• SQUARE + CIRCLE – Reset (Clear all)

22: Andromida v6.1
Author: CODE_R3D

Andromida is a plugin that will display you things like battery temp, firmware,
and if your running in HEN mode.
if you find any bugs report them at my email:

Any PSP-1000,2000, & 3000 in ChickHen r2 or any cfw.

Press L and Vol+ to load the Andromida menu.
While in Andromida menu, press L + R to shutdown psp.
Also while in andromida menu, press [] to suspend psp.
press HOME or O to exit the memu.

Just run the installer, it does everything for you.

23: MacroFire v3.2.9
Author: pen

pen's plug-in for remapping PSP controls, recording & executing button macros, adjusting the analog sensitivity, and enabling auto/rapid-fire on select buttons.

Press VolUp + VolDown to turn on Menu in game (default).

6.39/6.60 PRO-POPS fix did not work in the B9.

24: PSP3D.prx v2.1
Author: pspwizard

This plugin allows you to turn your game into red-cyan anaglyph providing stereogram 3D images.This is the first public release so it has alot of compatibility issues. You will need a pair of red-cyan glasses for this of course.

Tested on firmwares 5.00 to 6.39 HEN/CFW

To be able to change the 3D settings keep <start> pressed more than 5 seconds.

Supported Games:

  • Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep
  • Jack and Daxter - The final frontier
  • Army of 2 - The 40th day
  • Ridge Racer 2
  • Vulcanus - Seek&Destroy
  • Ape Escape
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • Metal Gear Solid - Opps+
  • Metal Gear Solid - Opps
  • Star Wars Battle Front 2
  • Death Jr. (new)
  • Tomb Raider Legends (new - light flickering)
  • Ratchet & Clank- Size Matters.
  • Prince of Persia- Revelations.
  • Prince of Persia- Rival Swords.
  • GripShift
  • FIFA 11
  • Dissidia 012

These games may work:

  • Young Thor
  • Dave Mirra
  • Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Heros 3
  • Turtles
  • Phantom Brave
  • Coded Arms Contagion
  • Crush
  • The Eye of Judgment Legends
  • The 3rd Birthday (new)
  • Patapon 3 (new)
  • lord of arcana (new)
  • Naruto kizuna drive (new)

1: Copy psp3d.prx & psp3d.cfg to your seplugins folder.
2: Make a new line in your game.txt called ms0:seplugins/psp3d.prx 1
3: Restart your psp and your done.
4: Run the game.
5: Use Note Button to turn plugin on.

25: TweakDISPLAY v1.0.1151
Author: Mr305

This is a plugin that works both in-game & in XMB as well as Homebrew, consists of a 22 most Creative, Incredible set of effects put together in a small package to create a truly unique PSP experience.

26: Adhoc To USB v2 [6.20 to 6.60 support]
Author: Yuki-mi , neur0n

Yuki-mi's PSP plugin for playing Ad Hoc enabled games over the Internet using XLink Kai without the need for a PC wireless adaptor.

Setting up your PSP with XLink isn’t nearly as complicated now. With some technical know-how and your ability to follow Yuki-mi’s instructions, you should be able to get this up & running with little or no problems at all.

Know this: If you go online with XLink Kai and act the fool — pulling shenanigans, like cheating using some other plugin — you can and will be banned permanently from the Kai network. The purpose of Yuki-mi’s plugin is for users to enjoy XLink without the need for a wireless adaptor.

*NOTE* Users running 6.37 ME-6Fix2, 6.38 ME, 6.39 ME & 6.60 ME/PRO , use the prx in the folder called '635'

All the files needed to make the plugin work are in the /

Install/set-up guides here:
Windows XP 32-bit Tutorial
Windows 7 32-bit Tutorial

27: Liberty City Stories Cheat Device v1.0g
Author: Edison Carter

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories CheatDevice for the PSP. CheatDevice features all kinds of crazy cheats for your LCS game, such as power jumps, infinite health and ammo, gravity distortion, and more. It also features a built-in screenshot function and video recorder.

28: Vice City Stories Cheat Device v2.4
Author: Edison Carter

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories CheatDevice for the PSP. CheatDevice features all kinds of crazy cheats for your VCS game, such as hover cars and bikes, infinite health and ammo, gravity distortion, and more. It also features a built-in screenshot function and video recorder.

29: Profile Manager v1.0.34
Author: USpeed

Maintain up to 20 individual user profiles for your PSP, keeping your game saves safe and separate from one another. Included are various PSP avatars for your profile(s).

How does it work:

  • USpeed Profile Manager will switch between all folders "SAVEDATA_<NUMBER>" in order to activate current profile on "SAVEDATA" folder.
  • The plugin can manage up to 20 different profiles (folders "SAVEDATA_<NUMBER>")
  • Current profile is on "SAVEDATA" folder to work with standard.
  • A savegame in folder "USPM20110315" will allow to customize your name, icon and colors.

Steps: 1-8

1: Extract
2: Copy profileManager.prx which is in the seplugins folder to your own seplugins folder or if you don't have it just copy seplugins to the root of your memory stick.
3: Open up the PSP folder and then SAVEDATA.
4: Now copy USPM20110315 folder to your own PSP/SAVEDATA folder.
5: Now open up your own seplugins folder and if you don't have a vsh and game txt file make them ( right click New Text document )
6: Paste this ms0:/seplugins/profileManager.prx 1 into your vsh and game txt files (if you are on PSP GO paste this ef0:/seplugins/profileManager.prx 1)
7: Now to Customize your profile Go to your PSP/SAVEDATA folder and open up USPM20110315 folder and edit profile.infos using a txt editor.
8: Now to add a new profile open up your PSP folder and create a new folder called SAVEDATA_1 now copy USPM20110315 folder into your SAVEDATA_1 and repeat step 7 to Customize it.

Now you are finished restart your PSP... press UP & Left to bring up your profiles and press Right or Left trigger to switch between them. And if you want to terminate the Plugin press Right & Left trigger at the same time. (You can Now change the button combo by editing profile.infos)

You can repeat step 8/7 to add more profiles when ever you want. Just add a new folder in your PSP folder named SAVEDATA_2


  • Pictures have to be 40x40px sized (vs 28x28px in previous version).
  • PNG pictures with transparency are now supported (40x40px).
  • Show/hide control is now customizable and can be a combination of buttons.
  • You can choose the display position of USpeed PM.
  • Support for 6.20 TN-D (*Not yet tested*)
  • Few optimisations.

30: Gameboot Skip
Author: neur0n

This little plugin allows you to skip your PSP gameboot.

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Re: PSP Plugins For [6.XX] Custom Firmwares.

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If possible, can you update your list here as well? it seems you have a lot more there than here.

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